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The Money report is an astrological analysis of the role money plays in your life, what you truly value, and helps you focus on your soul’s purpose and how money plays into that. Reflecting upon the astrology will help you to become more aware of how money works in your life and how it is intimately bound up with your personal values.

It will cover whether or not you have wealth indicators in your natal chart, your strengths and weaknesses when it comes to attracting money and holding onto it, your strengths and weaknesses in business and career that can help you attract wealth, what money represents to you psychologically, what you value money for, and more.

This report aims to help you understand how you deal with money in order to help you better be able to manage it in your life so that you can thrive monetarily and spiritually.

*Please note: this is a natal chart report, not a forecast report. Therefore, it will not predict when you will come into money. It is intended to analyze your natal chart in terms of how you view and deal with money and money management.


To order, please include Name, date of birth Month/Day/Year format or spell out the month (example, March rather than 03 for clarity), place of birth, city, state/country of birth, and time of birth if known, example 7:22 PM. If unknown, please type “unknown.”

Money Report

  • In this shop area of the site, you’ll find a variety of computer reports by various authors/astrologers. These computer reports are high-quality and low-priced.


    We offer computerized astrology reports at low prices because we want them to be accessible to our readers. Also, we are not set up to deliver reports instantly online. We manually process the reports and send the reports via email attachments. As such, buyers will wait a little longer (up to 24 hours), but they pay comparatively less for quality reports.

  • All computerized reports are usually sent within 24 hours of purchase and receipt of the full information required to produce the reports.

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