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A Solar Return is the chart cast for the instant the Sun returns to the exact place it was when you were born, at whatever place you happen to be at that moment. Since this occurs on or around your birthday each year, this report can be considered your birthday report! It’s a yearly rebirth chart, a picture of a new you reborn each year in slightly different clothing. It’s a yearly overlay to your original Natal Chart which paints a picture of what the coming twelve months will be like.



To order, please include Name, date of birth Month/Day/Year format or spell out the month (example, March rather than 03 for clarity), place of birth, city, state/country of birth, and time of birth if known, example 7:22 PM. If unknown, please type “unknown.” Solar Return Location Where you were/plan to be on your recent or upcoming birthday. City and state/country.

Solar Return: The Birthday Report

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